​​​Our Unified Revolution

 Sunset Drum Meditation

"The real revolution won't be fought with violence, the real revolution is higher consciousness." 

What is the "Sunset Drum Meditation?" The Sunset Drum Meditation is a monthly activity where Sisters and Brothers from all over the nation Unite in Richmond VA, gather on a hill/mound, that we cleanse with white sage while African drums are being played in the background. Then everyone sits in a circle of Love surrounded by burning frankincense and meditates; listening to sounds being played at a 432 Hz frequency as the wind captures our thoughts, our vibrations elevate, and we open up portals that usher in a new wave of consciousness that is powerful enough to change the world.

This event is hosted by O.U.R-Evolution, Rise Up, and Drums No Guns. For more information you may send an email to ourevolution9@gmail.com and title it "Sunset Drum Meditation."