​​​Our Unified Revolution

Slavery in 2017

Be aware as history repeats itself!

-Libya is the main gateway for people attempting to reach Europe by sea. Which more than 150,000 people making the journey every year

-Some migrants mostly Nigerians, Ghanians and Gambians are smuggled by Libyan militants and sold into slave markets.

-While in bondage, these people are forced into slavery, held for ransom, tortured, raped and even killed.

-Many reports of migrants killed further falling victim to dehumanization from organ trafficking.

Fight for The Freedom of Libya Class and Walk

DNA FITNESS and Skoolz Of Fish have joined forces to help our Brothers and Sisters in Libya. 
On December 16th @ 9am there was a 1hr Conditioning & Abs Class followed by a 1 mile Run/Walk.
Thank you to everyone who showed up in support of helping Sisters & Brother in Libya! DNA Fitness and Skoolz of Fish will continue taking donations until 12/23 to send to Libya. To donate email the address below.