R.B.G Friday in RVA

R.B.G Friday's in Richmond Virginia began on 8/24/2016 when several Sisters and Brothers from the city of Richmond adopted a technique that originated in Philadelphia PA and is currently being used across the nation to galvanize communities. Every Friday for the past year Sisters and Brothers have gathered at 1900 Mechanicsville turnpike at the corner of Cool Lane and Whitcomb street in a show of solidarity, and it is our great pleasure to say that 8/25/17 will mark the One Year Anniversary of RBG Friday in RVA!

Over the past year, we have unified with various organizations at R.B.G Friday in RVA, to help our communities.  

  • In Sept. 2016, we had our 1st annual community cookout with over 500 people in attendance
  • In Nov. 2016, we passed out over 500 meals over the course of 4 Fridays
  • We held raffles with various items to help raise money for the community
  • In Jan. 2017, four $100 Food Lion gift cards were given to families in need
  • In Feb. 2017, we hosted a community day for the Whitcomb community
  • We have attended tenant council meetings as well as city council meetings dealing with transportation issues within the community
  • On 8/5/17, Annie Giles day (a Free community gathering in Whitcomb Court with over 500 people in attendance)
  • Collectively, we have passed out over 3000 pieces of literature to bring awareness to the community about various issues taking place within the city and across the nation

On 8/25/17 from 5pm-8pm Sisters and Brothers from all over the nation will be in attendance at R.B.G Friday in RVA to celebrate this monumental milestone! O.U.R Purpose and O.U.R-Evolution will be providing Free food to the Community, and Free school supplies to children preparing to return to school. Click the link below to donate to school supply drive, or email ourpurpose9@gmail.com to drop off supplies. 

​​​Our Unified Revolution