​​​Our Unified Revolution

 Fishing is Fun

Would you, and your child like to learn how to

fish, TOGETHER? Channel your creativity, and bond with nature while you, and your child become more self-sufficient by learning life lessons that allow you to provide for yourself, and your family.

In spring of 2017 O.U.R Evolution and O.U.R Purpose assisted  groups of parents and children with activities that helped them learn how to fish.

To assist parents and children with learning fishing skills together. The purpose of the parents learning with the children is so that once the program is completed the parents will have acquired the knowledge, and skills to continue to bond with their children through more fishing experiences.

Parents of all ages
children age range 6-15 

 April 15th 2017

Lessons that were taught:

How to cast fishing poles
How to tie knots
How to rig lines
Bait hooks
Hook fish
Remove fish from hooks

The science of fishing( how weather conditions and time of year can affect fishing)


O.U.R is committed to increasing the bond between parents, children, and nature.

For more information, please email ourevolution9@gmail.com and place "fishing fun" in the subject line, or call O.U.R Purpose at (804)372-7156.